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The Lydia Steptoe Stories

The Lydia Steptoe Stories

  • Author: Djuna Barnes
  • Publisher: Faber & Faber
  • ISBN: 9780571352470
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In these three stories, written by Djuna Barnes under the pseudonym Lydia Steptoe, three characters find themselves on the brink of a sexual awakening - accompanied by guns, whips, and worldly innuendo. A fourteen-year-old girl plans to become 'a virago', until her mother intercepts her first tryst by dressing up as her male lover. A boy of the same age is lured into the forest by his father's mistress. A woman of forty falls in love and longs to kill herself, so unbearable is the return of the youth she thought she wanted. 'Alice', she tells herself, 'be a man.' Barnes makes gender and desire seem slippery and joyful - and makes the fictional Lydia Steptoe seem like a writer for our time. Bringing together past, present and future in our ninetieth year, Faber Stories is a celebratory compendium of collectable work.

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