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The Living Museum

The Living Museum

  • Author: Anisha Jayadevan, Ishika Ramakrishna, Janhavi Rajan
  • Publisher: FERAL
  • ISBN: 9788195753109
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If you live in a city, you have a free, life-long ticket to the Living Museum. Visit whenever you want, stay as long as you like. You will be treated to living exhibits whose lives unfold around you, sometimes predictable, and sometimes unexpectedly. During morning shows, you might catch the dazzling purple sunbird drinking nectar from a milkweed flower while a carpenter bee drones away. During the night shows, you are sure to see flying foxes flying high in the sky to their feeding grounds. Whenever you do visit, you're sure to leave with a smile, your senses a little sharper, your curiosity awoken. 

This book is a short guided tour to the Living Museum, led by a jumping spider. She hopes it will inspire you to tune in to nature around you, everyday. Come along now, we mustn't waste a moment, or we might miss something exciting!

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