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The Limits Of My Language: Meditations On Depression

The Limits Of My Language: Meditations On Depression

  • Author: Eva Meijer
  • Publisher: Pushkin Press
  • ISBN: 9781782275992
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Much has been written about the treatment of depression, but relatively little about its meaning. In this strikingly original book, Eva Meijer weaves her own experiences and the insights of thinkers from Freud to Foucault and Woolf into a moving and incisive evocation of the condition. She explores how depression can make us grow out of shape over time, like a twisted tree, how we can sometimes remould ourselves in conversation with others, and how to move on from our darkest thoughts. The Limits of My Language is both a razor-sharp analysis of depression and a steadfast search for the things great and small - from philosophy and art to walking a dog or sitting quietly with a cat - that make our lives worth living.

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