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The Last Flicker

The Last Flicker

  • Author: Gurdail Singh, Ajmer S. Rode
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9789390310043
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Long ago Dharam Singh's father had brought Thola to his village. He treated him as his own brother and had even gifted four bighas of land to him. After Thola's death, Dharam Singh took sole responsibility of his son Jagseer and his mother Nandi.

Over the years, however, things changed. The position of Dharam Singh weakened in his family. Bhanta, his son who had always opposed Dharam Singh's affectionate regard for Jagseer took no time to grab back the land gifted by his grandfather to Thola and also razed to the ground, the monument erected by Jagseer in memory of his father. The aging Nandi dies of shock. The tragedy of Jagseer is not confined to this.

It is also a tragedy of unfulfilled love for Bhani, Nikka's wife. Through his long years of loneliness, it is opium which somewhat alleviates the storm raging inside him.

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