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The Journey Of A Burning Boat: A Novel

The Journey Of A Burning Boat: A Novel

  • Author: Abdus Samad
  • Publisher: Promilla & Co., Bibliophile South Asia
  • ISBN: 9788192304748
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Human behaviour in every age and in every country has perhaps not been above reproach in the closing years of the twentieth century. The attitudes of the educated and affluent members of society particularly in the Indian context, is most galling. if they claim credit for progress, they are also responsible for the new forms of evils, distortions and perversions that pervade our society.

This novel takes us into the depths of Indian society-to the towns, cities and the countryside where impoverished children without hope are lured and trapped in the flesh trade that is practiced with subtle élan. The story however is not an unrelieved picture of degradation. The novelist induces a stillness in us to introspect about the hideous machinations behind urban elegance and to act against it.

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