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The Inland Sea

The Inland Sea

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In the early 19th century, British explorer John Oxley traversed the then-unknown wilderness of central Australia in search of water. Oxley never found it, but the myth of 'the inland sea' was taken up by other men, and over the years search parties walked out into the desert, dying as they tried to find it.

Two centuries later, Oxley's great-great-great granddaughter is reeling from her own self-destructive obsessions - drinking heavily, sleeping with strangers, wandering Sydney's streets at night, and navigating an affair with an ex-lover. She works as an emergency-dispatch operator, tracking the violence, floods and fires that bloom and rage across Australia during an increasingly unstable year. Reckless and adrift, she prepares to leave.

The Inland Sea is a fierce and beautiful novel about coming of age in a dying world.

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