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The History Of India For Children Vol 1

The History Of India For Children Vol 1

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There were ostriches in India. Gold was dug up in the Himalayas by animals. Coins of Greeks rulers in India showed Krishna wearing Greek clothes. Ethiopian military slaves founded kingdoms across India. Jump into an action-packed history of India like never before. Discover our incredible heritage and uncover delightful nuggets about our grand old country. Travel through time and see how people lived, why things happened and how we came to be what we are. Written by BBC Mastermind Champion of Champions Archana Garodia Gupta and history-geek Shruti Garodia, this volume spans the ages from the dawn of humans until the Delhi and Deccan sultanates, and tells the story of India's rulers and invaders, traders and architects, sculptors and poets, scientists and innovators, farmers and businessmen, and millions and millions of just ordinary everyday men and women. With a chatty style, simple explanations and well-rounded coverage, this is the definitive Indian history in two volumes for young readers. Filled with photographs, illustrations, activities and quotable facts, this is one retelling of history you don't want to miss!

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