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The Great Mughals

The Great Mughals

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An engrossing saga of one of the greatest dynasties of the world, the Mughal dynasty Contemporaries of the Mughal Empire called it the Sultanate-i-Mughalia. In terms of the area and time that it covered, the empire was gigantic. From the warrior king Babur who laid its foundation to the lonely poet king Bahadur Shah Zafar who saw its dilution, the book charts the origin, rise, success and eventual downfall of an empire that ruled India for three centuries.

With pure history as a backdrop the narrative sweeps along the myths and mysteries of the Mughal times unfolding on its pages the courts and harems, bazaars and battlefields, blood and gore and the gloss and glamour of the Mughal Empire. Beyond the glistening surface of their glory, Farhat Nasreen's authoritative account brings the empire vividly to life, rolling out the saga of the fabulously talented Rajputs and Marathas along with the challenges the Mughal Emperors faced to sustain their phenomenal empire. A fabulous narrative and storytelling of the Great Mughals Historical in its analysis and robust in its scope A historical saga as never told before The tales of Mughal harems, their idiosyncrasies and the culture have been portrayed beautifully in the book The author is a well-known historian of the period and goes behind the gloss and glamour of the Mughal dynasty

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