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The Graveyard Book: Graphic Novel: Part II

The Graveyard Book: Graphic Novel: Part II

  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • ISBN: 9781408859001
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An irresistibly brilliant graphic novel adaptation of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, adapted by award-winning illustrator P. Craig Russell. This is the second of two volumes.

Nobody Owens, known as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn't live in a graveyard, being raised by ghosts, with a guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor the dead. There are dangers and adventures for Bod in the graveyard. But it's in the land of the living that the real danger lurks, for it is there that the man Jack lives, and he has already killed Bod's family.

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