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The Gospel Of Yudas

The Gospel Of Yudas

  • Author: K. R. Meera, Rajesh Rajamohan
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780143429029
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Young and impressionable, Prema is deeply infatuated with Yudas, the enigmatic man who dredges corpses from the bottom of the nearby lake. Longing to be rescued from the tyranny of her father, a former policeman who zealously tortured Naxalite rebels during the Emergency, Prema dreams of escape and finds herself drawn to the Naxal political ideology. Convinced that Yudas was one of the inmates at her father's prison camp, Prema believes that only he can save her. But Yudas is haunted by secrets of his own and like his Biblical namesake Judas Iscariot, he bears the burden of crushing guilt.

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