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The Germ Lab: The Gruesome Story Of Deadly Diseases

The Germ Lab: The Gruesome Story Of Deadly Diseases

  • Author: Richard Platt, John Kelly
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN: 9780753448243
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Discover history's worst epidemics and pandemics and see how and why they happened, including the "Black Death", polio and coronavirus. Hear the "eyewitness" accounts from the pesky rats, flies, ticks and creepy-crawlies who spread the most terrible viruses around the world and cause the most damage. Watch out for terrible typhoid, beware of malicious malaria and learn more about cruel Covid-19.

Don't be too scared though.
The Germ Lab explains how bacteria and other bad beasties are beaten through the work of genius scientists and with the development of vaccinations. Meet Jon Snow, whose careful observations of the slums of London led him to stop the spread of cholera , and see the world's leading scientists in action as they create life-saving vaccines.

Written by Richard Platt and illustrated by John Kelly, the brilliantly humorous artworks and fun characters will entertain young readers with a cabinet war room showing the war on germs, a rogues' gallery highlighting the worst offenders, the very deadliest diseases examined under the microscope, and much more. So grab your lab coat and join forces with science to tackle the war on germs.

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