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The Flight Of The Arconaut

The Flight Of The Arconaut

  • Author: Sophia Khan
  • Publisher: Red Panda
  • ISBN: 9789388689830
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Three thousand years after a catastrophic comet impact, declining fertility and plummeting IQs have continued to decimate the earths population. Two factions have risen from the ruins: the Atlantean Empire and the nomadic Barbarics. As prejudice and politics mix, a second great war appears imminent. On the isolated island capital of Atlantis, Nyx Cormorant is shielded from the harsh realities of Empire in decline. She spends her days toiling away in an underground laboratory and her nights testing her skills as an arconaut on the city streets. Her dreams of establishing herself as the greatest arconaut in the Empire seem like they might just come to fruition when shes pitted against the mysterious Brigadier Omar B. Prendergast. How is Nyx to know that the brigadiers sinister past is deeply entwined with her familys own? Or that he has come to Atlantis with one purpose alone: vengeance against the Cormorants? As he charms her family, and indeed all of Atlantis, Nyx is the only one who sees him for who he is. She must unmask the man, and quickly, before the foundations of all she holds dear are destroyed. Sophia Khan weaves an entrancing, disconcerting world in the first instalment of her Atlantis trilogy and, in Nyx, a heroine for the ages.

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