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The Dread Departure

The Dread Departure

  • Author: Satish Alekar, G. Deshpande
  • Publisher: Seagull Books
  • ISBN: 9788170460596
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In an unusually irreverent text that plays with the traditional Marathi musical mode of the mourning keertan and the theme of death, Satish Alekar s The Dread Departure tells the story of a dead man who will be cremated the way he wants to be and no other way. He lives on as a dead man till he stinks and his son battles with the civic authorities to honour his father s last wishes, while his widow gets enamoured of a ghostly lover, the third man from the left of the pall bearers. The play has a rich dose of black humour, pure fun, and the sense of a community coming to terms with death.

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