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The Champak Story: Volume 3

The Champak Story: Volume 3

  • Author: Champak
  • Publisher: Rupa
  • ISBN: 9789391256296
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Dive into this treasure box of original stories! Open the pages of this book to meet: Bunty, not a detective, but surely has a keen eye for hidden conspiracies and disguised babas. Jenny & Kathy the tortoises, sisters who make everyone believe that nothing is impossible; sky is the limit, literally! Buzo the monkey, who is as proud as a peacock wearing his new watch but soon pride meets confusion! Aabha, whose blind beliefs are busted with logic and not magic. The Champak Story Box is packed with stories on mystery, adventure, kindness, self-confidence, science and humour. These stories will: • Help young readers actively find answers to questions that bother them in real life • Enhance vocabulary and concentration levels • Develop linguistic and critical thinking skills • Build emotional and intelligence quotient in a fun way In the chaotic world of today, these original and unique tales help children learn new ways of expression and action.

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