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The Champak Story Box: Volume 2

The Champak Story Box: Volume 2

  • Author: Champak
  • Publisher: Rupa
  • ISBN: 9789391256210
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Dive into this treasure box of original stories! Open the pages of this book to meet: Shersingh: mighty and strong, admits when he’s wrong, the King of Champakvan, he treats all as one. Cheeku the rabbit: call him cool, call him kind, he’s quicker than you can imagine, he has a sharp mind. Baddy the fox: lurking around, looking for trouble, conspiring against everyone, his actions double. Meeku the mouse: mischievous and witty, he fills the room with laughter, with a snack at hand, he thinks of what he’ll eat after. The Champak Story Box is packed with stories on mystery, adventure, kindness, self-confidence, science and humour. These stories will: • Help young readers actively find answers to questions that bother them in real life • Enhance vocabulary and concentration levels • Develop linguistic and critical thinking skills • Build emotional and intelligence quotient in a fun way In the chaotic world of today, these original and unique tales help children learn new ways of expression and action.

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