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The Case For Nature: The Other Planetary Crisis

The Case For Nature: The Other Planetary Crisis

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Our planet is facing not one but two crises. In a world where carbon emissions and climate financing are rightly rising up the agenda, there exists another catastrophe that is often overlooked but just as dire-the global collapse of our ecosystems. Siddarth Shrikanth's The Case for Nature presents a compelling vision for tackling this other crisis by rethinking our relationship with nature in economic, social and even personal terms. Shrikanth argues that we can create flourishing economies and societies by preserving and restoring our planet's 'natural capital' and introduces the pioneers of this nature-positive revolution with vivid examples from across the world. But he also calls on readers to reflect on the roots of this crisis, drawing upon indigenous world views to show that nature must be woven into our modern societies, not set apart. By offering a hopeful yet deeply pragmatic perspective on how we can exist in harmony with our living planet, The Case for Nature is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand how nature can help us forge a more sustainable future and what they can do to contribute to this vision.

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