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The Brahminical Inscribed In Body-politic

The Brahminical Inscribed In Body-Politic

  • Author: G Aloysius
  • Publisher: Critical Quest
  • ISBN: 9788189524548
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"The crucial point in this explanation, for the purpose on hand is this: that what came to be viewed and valorized as nationalism (that is, anti-colonialism) here, arose at the very juncture of the Imperialists’ attempts at larger inclusion (for whatever reason) in response to the demand; of the hitherto excluded/subalternised masses.

Unless this root force in all its complex dimensions, is researched, recognized, related, resisted and finally resolved, the subcontinent, one could conclude, would for a long time to come be constrained to dwell in the nether world of what could truly be described as post-colonial predicament."

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