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Thanjavur's Gilded Gods: South Indian Paintings In The Kuldip Singh Collection

Thanjavur's Gilded Gods: South Indian Paintings In The Kuldip Singh Collection

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• Comparatively little scholarly work has been done on South Indian paintings from Thanjavur and Mysuru

• The works illustrated here display a variety of idioms within the South Indian tradition, both religious - images of deities, saints and temple plans - and non-religious - portraits of maharajas, religious personalities and ordinary devotees

• Featuring many previously unseen pictures

Thanjavur paintings remain among the most popular artworks in our homes - avidly collected but little understood. This volume presents an enhanced understanding of the subject through an in-depth study of South Indian paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries from Thanjavur and its allied style of Mysuru. The richly researched and illustrated text showcases and engages with Kuldip Singh's unique collection of 300 paintings. Also included are painted prints, some reverse-glass works and a few lithographs. These cover a wide range of idioms and themes. From the domain of gods and goddesses and the sites and stories associated with their worship, we come down to the realm of their human patrons with portraits made of maharajas, priests and ordinary individuals. We also gain a glimpse of the different regions and schools that come under the larger ambit of the term 'South Indian' paintings.

A historical and cultural background provides an overview and context to the material while a description of technique and an analysis of styles highlights an aesthetic appreciation. In addition to a focus on the process of conserving and preserving these works, the book looks at the contemporary status of this form which is experiencing a revival within the art market.

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