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Talisman: Extreme Emotions Of Dalit Liberation

Talisman: Extreme Emotions Of Dalit Liberation

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In Talisman: Extreme Emotions Of Dalit Liberation, author Thirumavalavan has penned down the various issues and effects of caste-based atrocities. The author also looks into the upholding of the caste system, political authoritarianism and the anti-democratic behaviour of elected governments. This book presents an overview into Dalit politics, various Tamil ethnic issues and the Hindutva from the point of view of ordinary people. It conveys instances in which casteism can make a human mad. The book constitutes an insightful essay that covers a whole range of subjects pertaining to Tamil life in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres. It highlights the issues of Dalits who have been the victims of caste-based discrimination and violence.

Courageous, honest and sometimes provocative views are given by the author. The book has been translated for the first time into English from Tamil. Talisman: Extreme Emotions Of Dalit Liberation was published by Bhatkal & Sen in 2003 and is available as a paperback.

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