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Syndicated Hinduism

Syndicated Hinduism

  • Author: Romila Thapar
  • Publisher: Critical Quest
  • ISBN: 9788189524500
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"Hindu missionary organizations, such as those attached to the Ramakrishna Mission, the Arya Samaj, the RSS and the Vishva Hindu Parishad, taking their cue from Christian missionaries are active among the adivasis , mainly Scheduled Castes and tribes. They are converting these latter groups to Hinduism as defined by the upper caste movements of the last two centuries……

But the significance of dharma was that it demarcated sharply between the upper castes − the dvija or twice-born – for whom it was the core of the religion and the rest of society whose conforming to dharma was left somewhat in abeyance, as long as it did not transgress the dharma of the upper castes."

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