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Sweet Nothings: The Love Poems Of Amaru

Sweet Nothings: The Love Poems Of Amaru

  • Author: Amaru, Lee Siegel
  • Publisher: Speaking Tiger
  • ISBN: 9789354472138
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Lee Siegel’s English translation of the Amarushataka, an aristocratic collection of eighth-century amorous Sanskrit poems, is at once playful and erudite, amusing and poignant, carnal and sublime. The stanzas are little scenes from a panoramic comedy of erotic love.
.The characters: Innocent girls and passionate ladies; devoted husbands and faithless rogues; female confidantes who help, console, or betray their friends. The plot: First love, sexual union, separation (because of parents, friends, or the woman’s jealous anger because the man has another mistress, or perhaps he must go on a journey), reunion, re-separation, re-reunion.. The theme is the delight of the game, the deliciousness of courtship, and the sweetness of sex.

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