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Sumitra And Anees: Tales And Recipes From A Khichdi Family

Sumitra And Anees: Tales And Recipes From A Khichdi Family

  • Author: Seema Chishti
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • ISBN: 9789354895883
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In the India of today, social and communal fault lines have become starker than ever before. Inter-faith marriages, once seen as the hallmark of a plural society, are now being increasingly used to further a divisive political narrative.

Journalist Seema Chishti, herself the product of an inter-faith marriage from a time when the ‘idea of India’ was not just an idea but a lived reality, tells in this book the story of her parents: Sumitra, a Kshatriya Hindu from Mysore in Karnataka, and Anees, a Syed Muslim from Deoria in Uttar Pradesh. Woven into their story are recipes from Sumitra’s kitchen, a site of confluence for the diverse culinary traditions she mastered.

This short book is an ode to all that made the coming together of Sumitra and Anees possible  a tribute to the big promise of India they brought into their modest home.

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