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  • Author: Samarth
  • Publisher: Yoda Press
  • ISBN: 9789382579328
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Suit is set in a Mumbai of the near future, when Safai Karamcharis have been provided with safety equipment,including a full body safety suit which gives them the moniker of Suitwalas. The story explores stigma, social change and mobility through the eyes of Vikas, a young "Suitwala", as we follow him through a day in his life, flitting between incidents at work, moments he catches with his family and memories of his father.

The suit is hailed as a great leap in the right direction for the safety and dignity of Safai Karamcharis; however, has anything changed in reality or is the suit just a cover? The book speculates what change could look like in a profession so steeped in exploitation and exclusion, where the persistent stigma infuses every step towards betterment with a bitter aftertaste.

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