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Star Of India

Star Of India

  • Author: Alice Perrin
  • Publisher: Mint Editions
  • ISBN: 9781513267432
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Star of India is a romantic novel that follows the complicated courtship and marriage of a young woman who’s disenchanted with the minutiae of life. Refusing to embrace the role of a missionary or tutor, she hastily weds an older man in hopes of breaking away from her family’s oppressive influence.

Stella Carrington is eager to experience life outside the confines of her grandmother’s home. In an attempt to curb Stella’s unconventional desires, her family seeks the help of her godfather Robert Crayfield, a colonel in the Indian service. Instead of occupational guidance, he offers to marry Stella and take her to India as his bride.

Stella discovers the complicated nature of marriage having to navigate new and unexpected responsibilities. Soon, conflicts are amplified by the appearance of Philip Flint, a handsome young officer stationed in town. It’s a classic tale of love and duty that forces Stella to make a difficult but necessary decision.

This is a complex story that bucks tradition pitting one character’s happiness against the desires of another. Star of India is a fascinating look at marriage, the military and colonial politics.

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