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Sources On Indian History Vol. 5: Social History

Sources On Indian History Vol. 5: Social History

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The Indian Historical Records Commission, since its inception in 1919, has played a key role in generating consciousness about the value and importance of archives. The Commission was re-designated as the Indian Historical Records Committee in the year 2011. It was set up by the Government of India as a consultative body to offer advice on matters connected with the scientific and systematic management of records and their use for historical research. Some of its leading torch-bearers were Jadunath Sarkar, R.C. Majumdar, Shafaat Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Habib, Mohibbul Hasan, Mahdi Hussain, Parmatma Saran, Rai Bahadur A.F.M. Adul Ali, Amales Tripathi, Rev. W.K. Firminger. This series is based on the research papers published in the proceedings of the Indian Historical Records Commission. The Editors have organised them on the basis of major themes for the benefit of students and scholars.

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