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Smashing The Patriarchy: A Guide For The 21st-Century Indian Woman

Smashing The Patriarchy: A Guide For The 21st-Century Indian Woman

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Centred around the bold voices of millennials and Gen Zs, Smashing the Patriarchy explores how young Indian women from diverse backgrounds ingeniously overcome the patriarchy in their everyday lives.

From beauty, body politics, and sexuality, to caste, power, and the paradox of choice, the book explores a wide range of women’s issues and draws important connections between these. In the chapter ‘On Beauty’ the author examines why women pursue or reject mainstream beauty standards and the real-life repercussions of their choices. ‘Ishq in the Times of Tinder’ considers the conundrum that is love and what women want (and don’t want) from partnerships. The chapter ‘Women at Work’ focuses on how young hyper-informed (and tech-savvy) women have shifted work culture across industries. ‘Demystifying the Feminine’ examines how women across the socio-cultural spectrum define and express femininity. ‘Society, Sanskar, and Choice’ dives into society’s conception of honour and the backlash dissenting women face when they go against the norm.

Taking its inspiration from multi-disciplinary theories, grounded and deepened by interviews with a variety of experts and numerous women, Smashing the Patriarchy is an astonishingly insightful exploration of the collective psyche of modern Indian women.

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