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Rania is a tour guide by day and a classical singer-in-secret by night. Born in Heera Mandi, Lahore's most famous red-light district, she has seen her madrassah-running father sell her mother's body and beat her sister Ujala. But Rania is the 'troublemaker', the little bird who will fly beyond the stifling walls of the red light district and upend everything around her.

She meets Asher, an Indian filmmaker, who encourages her to enrol in a singing contest that can take her to the US. As she wins the hearts of her listeners and Asher, there is trouble brewing. Ujala's dangerous secret will lead her into a chain of events that will take her to a federal correctional centre in the US, accused of terrorism.

Tender, piercing and filled with longing, Skyfall teaches us about the human endeavour and its desire for love in a time of hate. From the oppressive walls of Sherji's religious hypocrisy to the orange jumpsuits of American prisons, Saba Karim Khan's powerful debut is a fable for humanity.

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