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Singing/Thinking Anti-Caste

Singing/Thinking Anti-Caste

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Non-dalits may find it unbelievable, but death for Dalits is metaphorical. An “untouchable” never existed as a person worthy of respect from society or recognised as a mind. He was simply invisible, except when his labour was extracted, exploited and used for free. Thus it was not very difficult for Dalits from a few generations ago to understand how it feels to remain invisible. This reality has not ceased to exist even today, although it’s forms vary. Not existing for others, not being recognised by others, is a condition of simply not being extant. It is in this sense that death is metaphorical for Dalits. Yet, this is not a normal reality. It is an abnormal condition, an ecology, to use a broad term, that has been constructed by brahmins and all other castes who follow them.

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