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Selected Poems

Selected Poems

  • Author: P M Narayan
  • Publisher: Writers Workshop
  • ISBN: 9789350451540
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Born in 1945, P. M. Narayanan is a Malayalam poet, critic and translator who has published extensively for the past forty years. His books include collections of poems, articles, translations, edited works and a biography. He has received the Sahitya Akademi award for translation. This collection covers poems he has written from the late 1960s to 2016.

Born in 1950, Muraly. R is the nom-de-plume of Ramakrishnan. R. He has translated European and Latin American poems, and stories by writers from Europe, into Malayalam. At present he is translating a collection of poems from various Indian languages into Malayalam.

The Lake

The two – like two words.
Between them
The huge lake
Like a soft silence.

Ye sorrowful words
Desiring the oneness of essence
Breaking through the water’s expanse,

Here they come, the dreams,
Throwing open the portals of heaven
Riding the wings of lightning.

Ye ever-separated souls,
You start your journey,
To meet,
To unite.

Coming closer,
Your cheeks blush.
You melt for a moment,
In the languor of a kiss.

The sky, a blazing star for a single moment,
The pyre then burns out.

Bearing the ashes,
The endless blue of Time
Like the dense silence of the lake.


51 poems spread across 3 sections

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