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Savi And The Memory Keeper

Savi And The Memory Keeper

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If Savi were to make a list of things that were the absolute worst, moving to Shajarpur would be right on top. Well, right after the point about missing her father. And death. And her new school, with the most stuck-up of classmates.

Worse, she is now part of an eco club in which they make fun of her for not having enough green gyaan. And those stuck-up classmates seem to be her new friends.

Wait, what? How did that happen?

But Savi is too busy figuring out why in the world she, a certified brown thumb, is suddenly able to talk to us (her plants) and to the ginormous ficus tree, whose heartwood seems full of secrets.

Funny, thoughtful and deeply moving, this is a story of loss, climate change and the magical power of...

Ahem. Actually, why don't we just let Savi tell it now?

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