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Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters

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This is an account of a journey taken in India. The destination is the origin of the Ganga, the holiest and most famous of Indian rivers. It is a physical journey, involving months of trekking through forested valleys and snow-covered mountains. It is also a journey of the spirit, taking a man deep into the heart and soul of India's ancient religion.

Stephen Alter, who was born in the Himalayan foothills, crosses many miles and several millennia, to search for the source of Hindu religion. Along the way, as he reaches one holy spot after another, meeting grounds for pilgrims, remote towns and forgotten temples, he delves into the myths and traditions of ancient temples. He explores tales
from the epics, the intimate connection between natural history and mystical experience, and the sacred wisdom that animates the religious legacy of India.

As every pilgrim learns, a spiritual search involves travel, but ultimately returns to the inner self. Sacred Waters is a richly told, compelling narrative of a whole civilization and of a man's interior journey.

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