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Saakshi: The Witness

Saakshi: The Witness

  • Author: S.L. Bhyrappa, L.V. Shanthakumai
  • Publisher: Niyogi Books
  • ISBN: 9788193393550
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Saakshi probes the roots of human values as well as the stark realities of sensual life. It explores the fundamental question whether truth is the basis of morality or morality remains the foundation of truth. Saakshi, (literal meaning the witness), uses the Puranas and Vedanta as well as Gandhian concepts to discuss the meaning of truth and its distortions through greed, sexuality and desire. The focus is on what it means to be a witness – in a courtroom, before the gods, to the lives of others, or finally to one’s self.

To give form is to search meaning and to get quietude. An artist too is a witness, a saakshi; he cannot achieve anything higher within the limits of art. Bhyrappa feels the agony of this limitation of art. He is said to have experienced acute agony after writing Saakshi. The novel’s characterisation, structure and artistic experience raise it to a level higher than Bhyrappa’s earlier novels.

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