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Romancing the Heart: Understanding, Preventing, Reversing and Healing Coronary Heart Disease

Romancing the Heart: Understanding, Preventing, Reversing and Healing Coronary Heart Disease

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No one need have a heart attack (acute myocardial infarction) or suffer its dire consequences! That is the message of hope this book brings.

In a world where coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death, for a book to embrace the belief that heart disease can be avoided altogether or have its impact reduced, it takes the perceptiveness of a cardiologist with more than 30 years of experience… and a lot of heart!

In this ground-breaking and accessible medical text, Dr. Akshay Mehta lays out the affordable, effective and universally available ways in which any patient can keep his or her heart healthy- through ways of prevention and recognition of early warning symptoms; and if afflicted with it, the correct choices of treatment to adopt and how to recover as fully as possible. This text will also answer some of the most pressing questions that anyone worried about his or her cardiovascular health stays up at night thinking about: Could my chest pain be an impending heart attack? Should I start coughing if it is so? How to know if I already have ‘silent’ coronary blockages? Will my heart and BP medicines lose their effect over time? Dr. Mehta answers all these questions about the heart and even those you haven’t thought of!

But Dr. Mehta’s approach also goes beyond the physical¬—he describes for his patients the social and emotional tools that can help them build a heart-healthy lifestyle and recognize and mobilize their own self-healing capacity. Along with the use of modern medicine, Dr Mehta strongly emphasizes the importance of the mind, and with real life examples shows how healing is more successful when the mind is given as much attention as the body.

In his 360-degree approach to the doctor-patient relationship, a new, patient-first, respectful and considerate understanding of wellness emerges.

A wide-ranging book that has been well-endorsed by medical dignitaries and illustrious public-figures for its comprehensive knowledge of the human heart, is also noteworthy for the simple language in which the same has been imparted for the benefit of the common man. A comforting companion and a crucial educator, it is most importantly, an actionable guide to aid anyone down the path towards a healthier, fuller life.

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