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Post-mauryan India: A People's History Of India 6

Post-mauryan India: A People's History Of India 6

  • Author: Irfan Habib
  • Publisher: Katha
  • ISBN: 9789382381297
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Post-Mauryan India, 200 BC - AD 300: A Political and Economic History, as part of the People's History of India series, deals with the five hundred years that, in the political sphere, are associated with the dominance of Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Kushans, and Satavahanas. The volume also offers a detailed survey of the economy of the period, which saw important changes, in craft production as well as overseas trade. (The changes in the caste system and cultural life during this long period will be treated in a separate volume.) A special feature of the present volume is that the information contained is based on fully updated material. As with other volumes of the series, translations of select inscriptions and extracts from texts are appended to each chapter. There are special notes (by way of technical aids) on the Puranas, the Shangam texts, and Kushan chronology; and on numismatics and economics. In addition, there are seven maps and twenty-four illustrations, being mainly reproductions of coins and sculpture.

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