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Periyar On Islam

Periyar On Islam

  • Author: G Aloysius
  • Publisher: Critical Quest
  • ISBN: 9788190209472
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About the Author

G. Aloysius is freelance researcher and social activist. His books include Nationalism Without a Nation in India (OUP) and Religion as Emancipatory Identity: A Budhist Movement among the Tamils under Colonialism (New Age International).

Extracts from “Periyar on Islam”

“Day by day people are changing; the changing times also facilitate this….Generally speaking life is self-centred. Moreover man makes continuous efforts in the direction of improvement of his own life, security and comforts and in all aspects….As far as Iam concerned, I consider Mohammad Nabi as a special man with all the qualities of a human being and not of a status said to be higher than that.”

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