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Periyar On Category-Wise Rights

Periyar On Category-Wise Rights

  • Author: G Aloysius
  • Publisher: Critical Quest
  • ISBN: 9789383657308
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"Periyar's conception of this scheme of category-wise rights directly and headlong addressed the persistent refusal of the dominant Brahminical-turned-nationalist to countenance any form of group-based rights for the emerging India; and this was done, curiously, in the name of nationalism...

The Brahminical, with its structural association with the British, first of all, had transformed the newly-unified India as a monolithically caste-organised and a Hindu country…
Through this imposition of the backward classes discourse, the Brahminical elite of the country has managed to make permanent the social degradation into which the mass of people or country as a whole have been pushed…"

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