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Party Fun with Kant

Party Fun with Kant

  • Author: Nicolas Mahler, James Reidel
  • Publisher: Seagull Books
  • ISBN: 9780857425362
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In Party Fun with Kant, Nicolas Mahler tells the story of Kant and his fellow serious-minded figures from the history of philosophy with a comic edge. With his witty visual style and clever wordplay, he delves into their lives and emerges with hitherto unknown scenes that show them in a new (and far less serious) light. We go to parties with Kant, visit an art exhibition with Hegel, shop at the supermarket with Nietzsche and go to the cinema with Deleuze and celebrate the dream wedding with de Beauvoir. In each case, we come away knowing more about the life, thoughts and feelings of the philosopher getting to know them as people rather than as stony-faced figures long since robbed of any existence beyond their ideas. The result is pure fun, but with plenty of insight, too.

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