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Pakistan's Other Story: The 1968-9 Revolution

Pakistan's Other Story: The 1968-9 Revolution

  • Author: Lal Khan
  • Publisher: Aakar Books
  • ISBN: 9789350020012
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An exploration of the revolution. Factories were occupied, the youth and workers refused to pay fares in trains and buses, in the countryside the peasant movements seized land estates. The ruling classes of India and Pakistan even went to war to diffuse the threat of the revolution spreading througout the subcontinent. Lal Khan writes about the role of the left leadership and the ideological confusion and theoretical mistakes they made that led to the revolution bypassing them. Marxism, Trotskyism, Maoism and Stalinism as ideologies are explained and throughly analysed. Lal Khan asserts revolutionary socialism as the only solution to the present crisis. He explains how the capitalist system can be overthrown and what steps can be taken by socialist revolutionaries to salvage society from this abyss.

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