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Open Veins Of Latin America - Five Centuries Of The Pillage Of A Continent

Open Veins Of Latin America - Five Centuries Of The Pillage Of A Continent

  • Author: Eduardo Galeano
  • Publisher: Three Essays Collective
  • ISBN: 9788188789665
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Erudite, angry, sweeping in its scope, Open Veins of Latin America is a powerful survey of a continentâ s under-development and the role of foreign capital and national politics in that process. Eduardo Galeano traces Latin Americaâ s exploitation and impoverishment through the history of its principal commodities. Over five centuries, he explores the minerals and crops which have made a rich region poor, while building the fortunes of US and European transnationals. From the gold and silver sought by the Spanish conquistadores to the oil and copper extracted by present-day foreign corporations, Galeano presents a disturbing and fascinating picture of economic injustice. Blending historical fact with poetic imagery, Open Veins of Latin America is both an impassioned critique of transnational exploitation and a tribute to the passions of a plundered and suffering people. Isabel Allendeâ s inspiring Foreword to this classic text testifies to Eduardo Galeanoâ s status as one of Latin Americaâ s foremost writers.

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