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Oop And Lila: Lost In The Scarabean Sea

Oop And Lila: Lost In The Scarabean Sea

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The Scarabean Sea. Ruled by titanic sea scarabs that hunt whales and ships. Claimed by the all-conquering Brutish Empire. Home to a hundred proud kingdoms yearning for freedom. And haunt of dreaded pirates. A world not too different from our own... For Oop nothing is worse than babysitting his little sister, Lila, at the Mega Mela. And where does she take him? To some weird fake fakir. Things take a frightening turn, however, when they discover the fakir's bag of 99 candies, and each one grants one wish. Transported by wish candy to the Scarabean Sea in the middle of a midnight raid on the Brutish Empire's treasures, Oop and Lila end up hunted by the fakir Tattoo, who covets the wish candies and will stop at nothing to get them back. But Oop and Lila have allies: the fearsome Captain Angry and his mismatched crew of cut-throat pirates!

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