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Only a Lodger . . . And Hardly That: A Fictional Autobiography

Only a Lodger . . . And Hardly That: A Fictional Autobiography

  • Author: Vesna Main
  • Publisher: Seagull Books
  • ISBN: 9780857426468
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A novel in five parts, Only a Lodger . . . And Hardly That puts Vesna Main’s power of beautiful observation on full display as she explores how writing stories about one’s ancestors is key route to learning about and fashioning one’s own identity. While the stories are self-contained, together they form a narrative whole that approaches this age-old idea from five unique perspectives.

In ‘The Eye/I’, we meet someone called She, who obsessively tells the story of her childhood and adolescence to an unnamed narrator. ‘The Acrobat’ is a sequence of prose poems, written in the style of magic realism, which tell the story of Maria and her life-changing adolescent encounter with a flying circus performer. The female protagonist of the first section narrates ‘The Dead’, describing the secret life of a grandfather she never truly knew and his unusual habit of sending family members anonymous parcels of carefully chosen books. In ‘The Poet’, she examines four family photographs in order to piece together a story of her other grandfather, the husband of Maria. The final section, ‘The Suitor’, is a first-person narrative told by Mr Gustav Otto Wagner, an older man who hoped to marry Maria but was ultimately turned down.

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