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One Tin Bakes

One Tin Bakes

  • Author: Edd Kimber
  • Publisher: Kyle books
  • ISBN: 9780857838599
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One Tin Bakes is a dazzler of a baking book, using one simple tin to make utterly enviable cakes, gorgeous pies, flavour-loaded buns and bars that'll have you swooping in for seconds. Edd's photography and easy style captures in each recipe a beautiful immediacy and freshness that made me linger on every page without exception.' Dan Lepard

Whether you want cookies or cakes, pastries or desserts, something fruity, chocolatey, spiced or nutty, baking just got a whole lot easier.

From Praline Meringue Cake to Matcha Roll Cake, Peanut Butter Brookies to Tahini Babka Buns, all you need is just one standard 9 x 13in baking tin.

Varied and versatile, requiring minimal skill and little equipment, Edd Kimber's delicious treats range from simple bakes to slice and serve to impressive but achievable showstoppers.

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