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Old Friends’ Parade

Old Friends’ Parade

  • Author: Gankhu Sumnyan
  • Publisher: Writers Workshop
  • ISBN: 9789350450949
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The book was shortlisted for the Satish Verma Young Writers’ Award 2015, organized by Muse India. A sample poem is given below.

Clear Sky Day

Each day is a long wait
like the ripening fruit of the lemon tree
that slowly acquires juice and scent,
takes up yellow by losing the tinge
of green and in tiny mounds stores
its soul (borrowed from the sun) and
with the red of the earth.

And in that infinite wait
if you come across a bee buzzing about
will you tell it that it’s
not time yet? That there still are
seasons to go, that there are
things more to consider and that
if it didn’t know,
life will pass under the tree dozing
to the murmur of that sweet ripening?

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