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A mostly random and profoundly nonsensical enquiry into the nature of apocalypse, cartography, education, hairstyling, inter-dimensional travel, intertemporal travel, Mathematics, monarchy, philosophy, Physics, poetry, publishing, religion and toenails. once upon a time, in the kingdom of ogd, a messiah was born... With her foot in her mouth. This might be her story. her position of foetal gaffe allows her to eat her toenails, which nourish her and make her toenails grow so that she can eat them. Apart from the practicality of the situation, this also is the basis of her profound teachings. As the messiah travels through many dimensions, her followers learn the importance of Bells, Nirvana, clean feet, Klein bottles and phonetics, among diverse other things. ding Dong. 'just when we need her most, the messiah shows us all that the play and profundity of nonsense can save the world, or at least alter its haircut'-dr M Heyman.

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Anushka Ravishankar / children / fiction / indian /