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Notes From A Sceptical Gardener

Notes From A Sceptical Gardener

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Does sowing seeds according to phases of the moon make any difference? Should you really worry about Japanese knotweed? Are hoverflies better pollinators than bees?

Ten Years ago, biologist and horticultural expert Ken Thompson set out to write a different kind of gardening column, something thought- provoking that would tackle what he calls the grit in the gardening has been publishing them ever since.

Ken wanted to ask gardening questions that have no obvious answer - or answers that are all too obvious, but still turn out to be wrong. In the spirit of good gardening for the thinking person, he also focused on questions that no one had bothered to ask before, such as whether birds understand speed limits, whether urban foxes really are getting bigger, and if climbing plants are right- or left-handed.

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