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No Ticket, Will Travel

No Ticket, Will Travel

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I can’t buy a ticket, but I really need to get on this train...

Chandrasekhar waits for a job and dreams of being back home with a classmate he’s in love with. A run a has lost a slipper, and it was her only pair. Balu wishes he could trade his jackhammer for a poetry book. Sadia and her son are sleeping beside their handmade dolls, wondering what the future holds. Anjanamma makes up a story to soothe the relentless sting of mosquitoes. Nagaraju sightlessly navigates the chaos of a train station and puts out a plea to the universe.

Subuhi Jiwani traces six uncertain journeys from Andhra Pradesh to Kochi, of migrants in search of work, survival and belonging.

Watch Subuhi Jiwani and Priti David in conversation with Kirtana Kumar here:

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