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  • Author: V. J. James, Ministhy S.
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780670096558
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Is it possible for society to exist without religion? Nireeswaran, the most celebrated of Malayalam novelist V.J. James' works, uses incisive humour and satire to question blind faith and give an insight into what true spirituality is.

Three atheists, Antony, Sahir, and Bhaskaran, embark on an elaborate prank to establish that God is nothing but a superstition. They install a mutilated idol of Nireeswaran, literally anti-god, to show people how hollow their religion is.

Their plan starts turning awry when miracles start being attributed to Nireeswaran—a man waking up from coma after twenty-four years, a jobless man ineligible for government employment getting a contract, a prostitute turning into a saint—leading hordes to turn up to worship the fake deity.

The trio is put in a quandary. Will they fight their own creation? Is their intractable minds an indication that atheism is a religion in itself? Belief and disbelief, it is possible, are two sides of the same coin.

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