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Nano Scale

Nano Scale

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How does a lab create pioneering instruments in spite of resource constraints?
How does a doctor-researcher engage with society that will let their girl child die because she might not be married in the future?
What conversations might a modern nanoscientist have with a practitioner of ancient Ayurveda?
What will be the fate of a nano-silver-enabled water filter that promises to be low cost, easy to use and effective?
Received wisdom tells us that scientific research and technological innovation brings drastic, even disruptive change and society has no option but to constantly adapt and to evolve in response. This is such a truism that we have stopped thinking it can be otherwise.
But ‘otherwise’ is indeed true. Society does deeply influence science and technology even if it is New Age. Based on six years’ research across five laboratories and three cities, Nanoscale shows us how and why as it provides an incisive, yet deeply empathetic account of scientific life, laboratory research and technological innovation at the cutting-edge of nanoscience and technology in India.

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