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Mr. Gandhi & The Emancipation Of The Untouchables

Mr. Gandhi & The Emancipation Of The Untouchables

  • Author: B.r. Ambedkar
  • Publisher: Critical Quest
  • ISBN: 681895241510
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Extracts from “Gandhi & Emancipation of Untouchables”

“The untouchables and the Christians, who are also interested in their numbers, have no hand in the cooking of the Census, for the simple reason that they have no place in the administrative services of the country which deal with the operations of the Census…..
Coming to the second argument the Hindus are simply misusing the words majority and minority. They seem to forget that majority and minority are political categories. As political categories there is no fixed majority or a fixed minority…..There is no endosmosis between the Untouchables and Hindus as there is between a Majority and a Minority.”

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