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Movements And Moments: Indigenous Feminisms In The Global South

Movements And Moments: Indigenous Feminisms In The Global South

  • Author: Sonja Eismann, Maya, Ingo Schöningh
  • Publisher: Zubaan
  • ISBN: 9789390514694
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Often forgotten and seldom written into official record, protest movements and campaigns by indigenous women across the world are a vital part of our history, and our heritage. Before an understanding of environmental damage and climate change was even articulated in international forums by powerful political leaders, indigenous women knew well the importance of preserving and respecting traditional knowledge and building lives in harmony with the environment. Before the impacts of large-scale industrialization and the thoughtless exploitation of our resources became evident, it was indigenous women in small and large communities who fought to protect rivers and mountains, who created trade unions focusing on what was defined as ‘domestic’ or ‘care’ work, who argued that no matter how small, every actor in the world deserves to be valued and respected. They did not always win, and often movements faced setbacks and sabotage, but with each step they learnt how to do better the next time.

This book documents a small part of these multifaceted struggles. Sourced through an open call, the stories here span centuries and locations: they come from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, India, Nepal, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. They document individual and collective histories, reflect on the complicated and often contradictory lessons political protest has to offer, and look at moments of joy, of loss and of learning. Together, they alert us to the as yet untapped wealth of knowledge that lies in the unheard stories of indigenous women across the world.

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